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TalkScript takes the collective knowledge of veteran enterprise engineers and does the unthinkable by not keeping it a secret.

Episode 18: Ethics / ES6 in Practice / Dynamic CSS (Live at JSConf US)

On Episode 18: Ethics / ES6 in Practice / Dynamic CSS, the TalkScript team continues the live-ish at JSConfUS podcast series with guests Myles Borins, Tim Doherty, and Miriam Suzanne. Listen in!

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Tim Doherty on Twitter
Miriam Suzanne on Twitter
Nick Nisi on Twitter
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Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.

AI at Google: Our Principles 
Santa Barbara JavaScript 
Iterators and Generators 
Babel 7 
CSS / edge 
Grid by Example 
Layout Land 
The Mother of All Demos 

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