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TalkScript takes the collective knowledge of veteran enterprise engineers and does the unthinkable by not keeping it a secret.

Episode 24: TypeScript for Turkeys

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, we asked our fans on Twitter what excuses they hear from other developers or companies when it comes to adopting TypeScript. Podcasters Neil Roberts, Nick Nisi, and Bryan Forbes go into full myth-busting mode to set the record straight and help bring TypeScript to a codebase near you. Get those earbuds ready!

Bryan Forbes on Twitter
Nick Nisi on Twitter
Neil Roberts on Twitter

Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.

TypeScript 3.2 RC 
Tell us what you hear from developers as the most common excuse for not using TypeScript 
46% of npm users use TypeScript: npm and the future of JavaScript 
The state of the OctoVerse 
Why I no longer use TypeScript with React and why you might want to switch too 
No Time for Types presented by Nick Nisi 

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