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Episode 40: Beyond JavaScript

Members of the TalkScript team were onsite at NEJS Conf 2019 where we did a series of interviews with the conference speakers. We had a great time meeting these thought leaders and learning more about each of them and their talks. We’ve compiled the interviews into a four-part series to help share the essence of NEJS Conf 2019!

This episode features interviews with Kas Perch, Luke Bonaccorsi, and Sebastian Golasch around the theme of using JavaScript beyond the typical website.

We chat with Kas about WebAssembly, their demo that used WebAssembly to manipulate images, how having multiple language targets allows developers to leverage existing libraries, and what this means for bots powered by microcontrollers.

Our conversation with Luke centered around his chatbot and how working on it grew into an interest in home automation through custom micro-controllers and 3D-printed parts. We dive into topics like how low-cost custom automation has become more accessible and how hardware gives web developers another avenue for tinkering.

Finally, Sebastian joins us to discuss the history of video in the browser, including the move from third-party plugins to what are arguably still third-party plugins just behind a web standard. We dive a little deeper and look at how we often give media companies control over the encryption of the videos, as well as the entire interactions we use to access it.

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Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.

Plastic Player: A Playful Analog Interface for Digital Music
Espruino – JavaScript for Microcontrollers

Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi

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