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TalkScript takes the collective knowledge of veteran enterprise engineers and does the unthinkable by not keeping it a secret.

Episode 41: Giving Voice

Members of the TalkScript team were onsite at NEJS Conf 2019 where we did a series of interviews with the conference speakers. We had a great time meeting these thought leaders and learning more about each of them and their talks. We’ve compiled the interviews into a four-part series to help share the essence of NEJS Conf 2019!

In this episode, we welcome Ash Banaszek and Tatiana Mac to discuss the importance of using our voice.

We chat with Ash about her efforts to make talking about technology more interesting. Two analogies stood out to us after the talk —construction and blueprints as well as the difference between a firefighter (who may also be an arsonist) and a fire marshal.

Our conversation with Tatiana builds on her talk about privilege, going deeper into the importance of designing with someone rather than just for someone, replacing empathy with trust, and deprecating Big Data in exchange for lived experience.

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Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.
Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

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