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Episode 42: Rethinking Deployment

Members of the TalkScript team were onsite at NEJS Conf 2019 where we did a series of interviews with the conference speakers. We had a great time meeting these thought leaders and learning more about each of them and their talks. We’ve compiled the interviews into a four-part series to help share the essence of NEJS Conf 2019!

Listen in as the team talks with Phil Hawksworth, Fred Schott, and Jeremy Wagner around the theme of rethinking how we build and deploy web applications.

We chat with Phil about the JAMStack movement, how JAMStack might be a better term than “serverless,” the statically-generated clock demoed during the talk, and how we can make development deployment look as similar as possible to how it looks in production.

Our conversation with Fred is about the Pika project — specifically, the install-time build tool. Fred raises the idea that new widely-available standards like ES modules should have us reevaluate the status quo. As part of the discussion, we take a trip down memory lane to talk about our history with module workarounds, how we’ve backtracked on the idea of development without a build system, and how we might get back on track.

Finally, Jeremy joins us to cover a breadth of topics relating to the bloat that can be caused by not being purposeful about our use of JavaScript. This includes ideas like using built-in standards when we can instead of bespoke components, taking a look at the ways in which we’re lazy about how we bundle our code, and what avoiding these decisions might cost us.

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Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.

Zach Leatherman requests a statically generated clock


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