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Episode 46: Access – Libraries, Braille

In the third episode of our 6-part series recorded at JSConf US 2019, the team chats with Patricia Realini and Theodore Vorillas around the theme of access.

Patricia pushed us to empathize with those who need to use libraries to access online necessities. We explore reasons people depend on libraries to perform online tasks, the stigmas that prevent some people from gaining this access and what they sometimes have to do to work around it, as well as the loss of privacy many organizations impose on those relying on this type of access.

Excited by Theodore’s talk with a live demo of a low-cost braille cell, we take things a step further and dig into the spirit of openness of JavaScript as a language and how it should spill over into other accessibility projects. Theodore challenges us to consider using our knowledge as developers to lower costs for hardware aimed at disadvantaged communities.

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Patricia Realini
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Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.

Patricia Realini

Theodore Vorillas
Braille Neue
braillejs Project

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