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Episode 48: Growth – Imposter Syndrome, Helping JavaScript Newcomers

The fifth episode of our 6-part series from JSConf US 2019 features interviews with David Whittaker and Suzie Grange around the theme of growth.

Go watch David’s talk — it defines and deals with imposter syndrome quickly and without judgment in a way that illustrates it’s not the moral weakness it’s often portrayed as in the media. We discuss the feeling of falling short when we start thinking that everyone has more time than we do and how the act of internalizing is useful, not just for feedback but important for many of our experiences. Download David’s growth mindset worksheet to help you recognize your true ability.

Suzie’s recommendation for creating a feeling of competence is to help someone else. Many of our listeners will be in a similar situation as Suzie having learned web development years go when things were comparatively similar and adding new knowledge incrementally. But for those with a desire to work in this field, there is a lot to learn and a high potential for burnout. We talk about how companies want the benefit of the years and years of productivity gains while still trying to hire, train, and pay employees the same way they did ten years ago.

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Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.

David Whittaker
Growth Mindset Worksheet

Suzie Grange

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