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Episode 49: Beyond JavaScript – Time Zones, Gesture Recognition

Our final episode from JSConf US features interviews with Daniel Cousineau and Charlie Gerard around the theme of using JavaScript beyond the typical web site.

Daniel’s talk pulled back the curtain on the problems inherent in using timezones that can’t be fixed just by using a library. We dig deeper into the issues of knowing what time zone matters when entering dates, storing dates without their original time zone, and how timezones themselves change over time. Is the only solution to blow up the sun?

After watching Charlie doing a real life Hadouken to power on-screen Street Fighter moves, we had lots of questions. How much training does the machine learning model need? Was it a lot of code? We ponder what it means to think of any technology as a tool, what it means to use a tool to do something “worthless” and wether useless is not worthless. Ultimately, Charlie encourages us to have fun while we learn.

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Show Notes
Below are links to the resources and topics mentioned during this episode.

Daniel Cousineau

Charlie Gerard

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